Lisa: So, Brian, what kind of things have you been designing at work recently?


Brian: Oh, I have been working on this project designing a line of reusable shopping bags.


Katie: That's for a non-profit or something, wasn't it?


Brian: No. Actually, it's for a little chain of grocery stores. They are trying to project a better image of themselves by "going green." You know, using less packaging at their deli counter, not giving out disposable bags when people buy only one item, and giving out these reusable bags to people who buy a lot. The design came out pretty nice.


Lisa: What is the design like?


Brian: Well, most of these reusable bags are made out of heavy canvas. It makes them very strong, but the problem is they are a bit bulky when you fold them up. That gives people an excuse not to use them. It's just too inconvenient to carry them around, so people don't.


Jason: So what did you do to solve that problem?


Brian: I designed bags made out of a specially woven nylon. It's very strong, but it also folds up into a very compact size. The bags also have a little zipper.


Lisa: What is the zipper for?


Brian: The zipper holds the bag into a nice compact size when you are not using it. You can fold it into a square and zip it shut and then carry it around in your pocket. Or you can roll it up, zip it, and throw it in your purse. My goal was to make it really easy and fun to use, to encourage people to use it, and not take a single-use bag.


Lisa: That sounds great. I'll have to go to that store and get a few.


Katie: I'd like to have one too.


Brian: I'll see if I can get a few for you. I might still have a few in my office.


Jason: Get one for me too.


Brian: OK, I'll see what I can do.


Lisa: Recently, I've been thinking I'd like to do a little more for the environment if lean.


Katie: Yes, me too.


Jason: I don't really do anything now. I mean, I recycle empty bottles and cans.


Brian: I really think that the best things we can do for the environment don't really take that much effort. They are just little things you do on a daily basis that add up over time. They are just small adjustments, and shouldn't make your life more difficult or less enjoyable.


Katie: Like using the reusable bags you design.


Brian: Yeah, exactly. I've been getting a lot of requests to design these kind of green products recently. But I know people won't use them unless I make them very easy to use. They have to be more fun and more convenient than the old ways of doing things.


Lisa: But don't you think that more people now are willing to make an effort to do something for the environment? I know I certainly feel that way.
リ:近ごろ、環境に良い事をしたいって思う人々が増えていると思わない? 私は確実にそうよ。


Jason: Yeah, I think more people have that attitude nowadays.


Katie: Yes, but most people are not sure what they can do about it.


Lisa: Exactly. What can we do about it?


Jason: There are lots of things you can do. You know, like walking short distances rather than driving or taking the subway. Or encouraging your company to recycle paper used in the office.


Lisa: Those all sound like good ideas.


Brian: I think that once you take on that kind of attitude, you begin to see things all around you that you could do to help out.


Lisa: I hope so, because I am going to start making more of an effort.


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