Brian: Hey Zach, you were playing pretty well out there. Did you play basketball in school or something?


Zach: No, not really. I played a bit of soccer when I was a kid, but I haven't played anything for a long time. What about you guys?
ザック:いいや。子どものころ、少しサッカーをやってたけど、それ 以来、ずっと特に何もしていないよ。君たちはどう?


Jason: I played basketball all through high school, but I was never all that good at it.


Brian: I was never really interested in sports when I was growing up. I just got into it since starting work.


Zach: Why's that?


Brian: It's just that I work a lot. I spend a lot of time staring at my computer, designing things. Sometimes I go out to meet clients, but I'm usually just in my office. I started to worry about getting out of shape.


Jason: Yeah, I felt the same way. So we started meeting up on weekends, just to throw around a basketball.


Brian: Then I started to find I could concentrate a lot better on work on a Monday if I got some exercise on the weekend, so I really got into it. So I started jogging every Saturday morning, and getting together with Jason to play basketball when the weather is good.


Zach: That sounds pretty intense.


Brian: My girlfriend is really into yoga, and she's always trying to get me to go with her, but it seems a bit slow to me. If I am going to make time in my schedule to work out, I actually want to get some real exercise.


Jason: Yeah, yoga is not really for me, either.


Brian: I have been thinking of joining a gym for the longest time, but I'm not sure if I can make enough time to go to really justify paying the fees.


Zach: It sounds like you are really into exercise.


Jason: Me, I think I get enough exercise carrying my camera gear around to photo shoots.


Brian: It must be nice to be able to get out of your office on a regular basis.


Jason: It is nice, but it can be a bit much at times, getting to shoots, and finishing on schedule.


Zach: Are you guys into watching sports at all?


Brian: No, not really. I don't have the time for it.


Jason: I watch basketball when I have time, especially the finals. What about you, Zach?


Zach: I'm quite into sports. I watch what's on TV, but I also like to see live sports when I have a chance. Basketball, baseball, and I especially like to go see hockey.


Brian: I've never actually seen hockey live. It must be quite a thing to see. It is really fast-paced, isn't it?


Zach: Yeah, it's really exciting to see live. You guys should really come along with me sometime.


Jason: That sounds good, Zach.


Brian: Yeah, you should let us know when there is a good game coming up.


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